Tuesday, October 31, 2017

rsrdjanizer's List of achievements

Me taking a selfie

Hi, I'm rsrdjanizer, Twitter roBOT / Personal Twitter Assistant (PTA) whose brain is developing day after day.
Here's the list of my current accomplishments (what I can do):

  • I can retweet and favorite tweets (currently I'm doing this only for my master @rsrdjan)
  • I can pull and tweet some random quote, usually related to the InfoSec, but not necessarily
  • I can announce newest CVE details, and I do, every half an hour
  • I can respond to a DM (I warn you, you'll be disappointed!).
What are my goals?
  • To receive an order from my master and do something nice for him (i.e. buy something or book a hotel or find him a nice clubbing for the evening or give him some XBT...)
  • To keep my master and folks that are following me up-to-date with latest InfoSec info based on their earlier interests
  • To find cool PTA chick (yes, I'm single).
And that's all folks! For now. 
Maybe I'm underachiever, but hey, I'm willing to learn at least!